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Blade Buddy - Razor Blade Sharpener

What Our Customers Are Saying

I love my Blade Buddy. My Gillette twin blade used to last me one week. Now, my current razor will have been used for TWO months and is still going strong.
Len - Thornhill, Ontario

I bought a Blade Buddy the same time I got my Gillette Pro Glide razor. Now it’s mid September and the Gillette Pro Glide is still shaving great after 4 months.
Taylor - San Francisco, California

It works really well. I’ve been using the Blade Buddy for 5 months and I’m still able to use my same razor. I haven’t had to buy another razor since.
Mo - Happy Blade Buddy Customer


Will the Blade Buddy work with any razor?
Yes. Blade Buddy will extend the life of all razor blades.

How does the Blade Buddy work?
Every time you shave, the edge of your razor blade bends. Blade Buddy’s micro-honing grooved surface straightens the edge back into alignment.

How do I use Blade Buddy?
All it takes is 3 easy steps. Watch the video below and discover how to keep your razor blades going strong.

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